Design your Patio area with beautiful Pergola in Abu Dhabi!

Bored of the monotonous look of your garden area? Let’s redesign it together! We, Pure Italian help you get familiar with the relative and popular designs of Pergolas that fit in your exteriors! We make them for you too!

  • External Garden Setting- own special retreat of divine relaxation
  • Size- Customizable as per your outdoor
  • Style- Big Kahuna, Brim, Fedora, Sombrero, Visor
  • Material Used- Wooden or Vinyl
  • Finish- High Gloss Finish
  • Freestanding or Attached to Concrete Block Wall or Wood Framed Wall
  • Low Maintenance, Water Resistant, Durable and Termite Proof

Pergolas are the next best thing to decorate your home garden or pool with. One smart way to make a splendor garden is to add Pergolas that perfectly accents your outdoor space.

Choose an appealing and spacious outdoor gathering for your parties or choose the one which gives your backyard a beautiful look! We have variable designs to choose from- You choose and we’ll make!

Let your outdoor space look magnificent with one of the major landscaping elements used at apartments in Abu Dhabi. It is a pocket-friendly investment too!

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