The Best Custom Made Moroccan Sofas Company in Abu Dhabi

Do you love Moroccan Sofa being placed in the middle of your home giving it a luxury look? Explore our collection of the stylish hand-made Moroccan sofas delivered to you using the best materials in the market!

  • High Refinement and Comfortable Moroccan Sofa Sets from Pure Italian add elegance and luxury to your room
  • Material Used for Frame- Iron or Stainless Steel
  • Material Used for Upholstery- Fabric
  • Size- According to your space
  • Ideal Rooms- Living room and Bedroom
  • Basic Home Furniture but can be used for commercial purpose
  • Color of the Fabric or Sofa- Customized according to your wall color
  • Color of the Frame- Gold, Silver or Black
  • Cleaning techniques- Dry wash
  • Durable till 5 years, Non- Inflatable, High-Density Foam needs negligible maintenance and Eco-friendly

All Moroccan Sofas have been manufactured using the latest techniques, ensuring the exceptional standard and uniqueness of our products. These sofas are ideal for apartments or houses. It can be placed in any corner of the room since Its unique shape and design utilizes less space. This beautifully designed product is Casual and comfortable. Our collection has been created to combine luxurious style with sumptuous design.

Explore our collection today and get in touch with us on +97122356167.

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