Buy a wooden Dresser from us to add to the beauty of your bedroom! Well-crafted wooden dressers with mirror will bring a different charm to the bedroom which is hard to conceal. Find a plethora of contemporary style, well-designed dressing tables at Pure Italian, Abu Dhabi.

• Material Used: Sheesham or Mango wood (high-grade solid wood)
• Finish: Walnut/Honey/Teak/Mahogany Finish
• Dimensions: Standard size or can be modified according to your room size
• Design: Contemporary which is customizable as per your choice
• Dresser comprises with inbuilt drawers (3 or more)
• Cleaning Technique- Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe off
• Avoid chemicals (paints) on the furniture for more durability

We have designs that embellish the décor of your room to a whole new level! Admire your beauty on a beautiful dresser in your room. Contact us on +97122356167 to bring these dressers at your place.

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