An Unsightly Drop-Off Zone To A Space That Symbolizes “Clean.”

For a room that’s built its reputation on the concept of clean, the laundry room sometimes just doesn’t live up to its name, does it? Has your laundry room become a catchall place where piles of dirty laundry rub elbows with detergents, bleaches, dust bunnies and – gasp – clean clothes?

With most laundry rooms being nothing more than an oversized closet, keeping things organized in such tight quarters isn’t easy. How many times have you dropped something behind your washer (coins, pens, etc.) and thought to yourself, “out of sight, out of mind?”

You’re not alone. But without a properly organized laundry room, things can get out of hand, fast. If you’re struggling to reach every corner of your laundry room, or are looking for a way to add more space, Louisiana Custom Closets has the solution for you.

Unfold The Full Potential Of Your Laundry Room.

If you think about it, we ask a lot of our laundry rooms. Not only do they have to house two sizeable appliances, but they also have to juggle a litany of items that don’t play well with one another:

- Clean clothes need to stay far from dirty clothes
- Bleach can’t go anywhere near your designated colors
- Detergent is sticky and messy, and somehow always finds its way onto the floor or inside your cabinets

It’s easy to just throw your hands up in defeat and let nature take its course. But at Louisiana Custom Closets, we’ll give you the power to take back your laundry room. Here’s how:

- We offer customized counter tops to fit any sized room, allowing you the needed space to fold your clothes.
- Our unique storage solutions store all of your soaps, bleaches and chemicals, and make them easily accessible whenever you need them.
- We also offer carefully designed hanging spaces, the perfect solution for where to put your clothes as you empty your dryer.
- Our laundry hampers can be customized to fit your space constraints.
- The perfect solution for your ironing board: Either a storage area for your board or, depending on your needs, we can provide you with a foldout ironing board.
- Your Laundry Room Could Use Some Help. But You Don’t Have To Go It Alone.

While you may know that your laundry room could be better organized, you may not know what the first step is toward a happier and cleaner space.

That’s why we’re happy to offer our clients complete support in determining how best to go about making more space – and cleaning up – their laundry rooms. Aside from our extensive inventory of products, we’ll offer recommendations as you reintroduce organization back into this little space in your home.

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