Mashrabiya Design Company in Abu Dhabi

Pure Italian in Abu Dhabi is one of the top names in manufacturing high quality collection of Mashrabiya design. The deployment of the eye-catching Mashrabiyas is done with the help of the highly skilled team to meet the diverse requirements of customers.


Mashrabiya is a term used for pieced screens or latticework itself, it is made out of wood, stone, and usually of marble. Mashrabiya is often used private in middle-eastern homes and houses. Mashrabiyas were used in mosques too but more often in a larger scale, and serving the same purpose as the residential places.


Usages of Mashrabiya can differ depending on where it is situated:


1. For mosques it is mainly used to filter the intensive sunlight flooding into the courtyard and also providing a calm shaded internal area for prayers.

2. As for residential basis, Mashrabiya is used for privacy, It maintains the privacy of the home resident while he or she can enjoy the outside world without being noticed.

3. Due to its wooden structure, air can freely flow into home without the need to open up. It also gives shade to the streets below the Mashrabiya window, and cools it.

Price starts from AED 1000 per SQM instead of AED 1300 per SQM


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